The Other Mexico

Texas Contemporary 2016 continued The Other Mexico, the dynamic, curated focus section that highlighted the depth and breadth of the contemporary art world of Mexico City, Monterrey, Oaxaca City, Guadalajara, and Mérida.  Once again using the direct reference of Ocatavio Paz’s short text The Other Mexico, a text that describes Mexico as a heterogenous geography rather than a place of unilateral identity, the second edition of The Other Mexico opened its borders and re-shifted its focus from the megalopolis of Mexico City to other city-centers often left out of the contemporary art conversation. Featured 2017 The Other Mexico exhibitors included josé garcía ,mxParallel OaxacaLulu, FIFI projects and Páramo.


josé garcía ,mx

While josé garcía ,mx itself is a relatively new venture, its director and founder, Jose García has a long respected voice in the contemporary art world in Mexico. josé garcía ,mx continues in its director's vision and has established an innovative program balancing experimentation with a high level of conceptual quality, which can be seen in the gallery in Mexico City as well as their satellite gallery in Mérida.   


Parallel Oaxaca

Since it founding, Parallel Oaxaca has built its reputation on becoming a collaborative program focused on bringing together artists with curators. These collaborations often result in single-work, site specific exhibitions that have pushed the boundaries of the young and burgeoning ecosystem of contemporary art in the city of Oaxaca. Parallel has also supplemented its innovative program by participating in international art fairs, and stretching its reach beyond just the city of Oaxaca itself.   



Lulu is an independent project space based in Mexico City. Founded and run by artist Martín Soto Climent and independent curator, Chris Sharp, Lulu has created connections between Mexico City and European-based artists with the intention of strengthening international dialog and representation of international artists within Mexico.  


FIFI projects

FIFI projects is much more than a traditional gallery space.  Based in the state of Nuevo León, FIFI also has an arm in Mexico City and will be opening a satellite space in Miami in 2016.  While FIFI is a commercial enterprise, the gallery also boasts and maintains a non-profit institutional program that collaborates with universities and museums, and operates in tandem with its traditional gallery schedule.  



Páramo was founded in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2012, to present exhibitions of emerging and established artists across disciplines in order to generate work and ideas to further a global dialogue. While presenting an ongoing program of exhibitions, events, performances, screenings, and talks, Páramo also offer a residency for artists to engage in the city of Guadalajara and create experimental and innovative work on site.