Tahiti Pehrson

Presented by K. Imperial Fine Art and the Artist

- Sunday, October 13 | 3:27pm

Location: Central Lounge

Tahiti Pehrson is a Northern Californian artist with long ties to the Bay Area. Recent works explores the fragility and interconnectedness expressed by physical structures. Large 
scale installations of geometrical hand cut paper are layered into three-dimensional structures.  Pehrson has been working in paper for nearly fifteen years.

Building sculptures by the cutting away of material, Tahiti Pehrson creates geometrical patterns of volume that speak to universal traditions of pattern-making throughout the history mathematics, arts, and crafts.  Dating back to the first sign of Guilloche in Greek and Roman times, and seen independently throughout world history, variations of these patterns can be found across the natural and the manmade world.  Within Pehrson’s sculptures, each shape receives light and serves the structure of the whole system, concentrically leading to the next variation to make a singular structure.

These intricate sculptures explore interplays of light and shadow, building dynamic monochromatic constructions that give material form to the space-changing qualities of light.  Elevating the spatial qualities particular to each commission, Pehrson’s works speak to site: shifting perceptions of volume and structure as the viewer moves around the work – and as the light evolves throughout the day.