Inman Gallery

Booth C15 | Houston, TX

3901 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
p. 713-526-7800

Presented Artists

Tommy Fitzpatrick
Haavard Homstvedt
Michael Jones McKean
Sigrid Sandström


A-Frame by Tommy Fitzpatrick. 2016, acrylic on canvas over panel 30 x 24 inches

Around Your Altogether (Large Wave) by Haavard Homstvedt. 2016, oil and ground pumice stone on aluminum honeycomb panel 60 x 59 inches

the shade by Michael Jones McKean. 2015, diesel generator, stainless steel, marine resin, urethane, meta-anthracite, Matthews photo stand and light cutter, dyed felt 52-1/4 x 37 x 21 inches

Untitled by Sigrid Sandström. 2016, acrylic on polyester canvas 16 x 12 inches